Yıldız Holding

Yıldız Holding improved its analysis and action ability with SAP.


Presenting some hard-to-remember data to the senior management in a fast, visually attractive manner

Performing mobile based analyses

Better monitoring financial flows

Performing trend analyses from different aspects

Planning action based on report results

SAP Solutions and Services

SAP Business Objects 4.0 Webintelligence



The basic BI solution used throughout Yıldız Holding is SAP BusinessObjects

Mobile functions coming with SAP BusinessObjects 4.0


Fast and reliable access to information on mobile platforms

Analysis and action ability

Why Metric

Past project references

Competent in Mobil BO

Increased number of consultant resources

Future Plans

Yıldız Holding is expected to see a significant increase in its data scopes and report numbers.

Aside from this, to meet new needs, an almost real-time DWH architecture is planned to be established in place of daily data updates, which are currently performed overnight.

Yıldız Holding

“Thanks to the project, significant value added has been achieved by helping business units, including mobile platforms, access to valuable information quickly and from different points of view. We will continue to benefit from the visual and mobile abilities of the SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 product both in ongoing and many other potential projects that will be the first of their kind in the sector.”