Şişecam Chemicals Group

Şişecam Chemicals Group

Şişecam Chemicals Group shortened the duration of budget processes and increased productivity with SAP BPC


To overhaul the budget infrastructure

To do planning of parameter, income, production, purchasing, expense, investment, financing, cost and to create financial statements

To remove manual budget entries

To facilitate budget planning and consolidation management


Proven high performance solution portfolio


Significant time savings in budget processes

Obtaining a budget infrastructure with a performance capable of projecting for five years

Budget entries was automated

Budget process runs was reduced to 2 hours in total

Creating of financial statements was reduced to 18 minutes

All expense process was reduced to 20 minutes

User-friendly menus made budget system easier to manage

A new budget infrastructure with multi language support was established

Efficiency and human power gains was achieved

Why Metric

Previous project experiences

Ability to identify problems

Solution-oriented professional approach

Having comprehensive knowledge of solution processes

Şişecam Information Technologies

“METRIC has shown that this software can be configured and used in a different way and can offer easier operating environment. It was a great chance for us to carry out the project with METRIC.”