Santa Farma

Santa Farma carries its existing BW system to HANA platform with the guidance of Metric.


Promoting performance and acceleration in faceplate

Better management of operational processes for rapid actions

Rendering the existing BW system easier and more comprehensible

Using a joint structure in reports and analyses

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SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI


Market leadership with SAP BusinessObjects, strong references

Proven, high performance solution portfolio


SAP HANA transition provided acceleration at faceplate as well as improvement of performance.

The processes in the existing BW structure have been optimized to render them more comprehensible and easy-to-maintain.

The existing reports at BI have been completely redesigned from the formats to the formulae so as to enable end-users to have access to print outs which are more visual and easily comprehensible.

HANA transition promoted acceleration at faceplate in addition to decreasing data loading frequency from two hours to every hour by reducing total duration of daily data loading chains from four hours to less than half hour. This, in turn, made it possible for Santa Farma to have access to “fresher” data as a great contribution for planning actions against hourly and even instant changes in the industry.

Why Metric

Being the business partner of SAP having completed the highest number of projects

Providing solutions most correctly and rapidly

Having a sole expertise area which is Business Analytics

Future Plans

Santa Farma will transfer its new processes to BW on HANA platform in collaboration with Metric. The most important one of those processes is to render the existing IMS data, which is indispensable for pharmaceutical industry, more detailed so as to report the same on HANA. Besides, reporting of SAP modules including PM and WM activated for the plants is intended to be transferred to BW on HANA platform.