The project enabled industry leading operations such as Fritolay and Pepsi to become more powerful in the market and undertake their operations more effectively and actively by being integrated into a single ERP system and MDM project guaranteed sustainability of integrations and data quality so as to ensure performance of analyses with the use of correct data at all times.

Targets (Data Migration)

Using a single Operational system for more integrated and closer operations

Increasing competitive power

Creating areas of opportunity

Better management of operational processes

Using a joint structure in reports and analyses

SAP Solutions and Services

SAP Business Objects Data Services

SAP Business Objects Information Steward

SAP Business Objects WebIntelligence

Targets (Master Data Management)

Proactively determining incorrect and incomplete data entries and taking action more rapidly

Using the same data in all systems and providing data integrity

Taking new opportunities with master data analyses.


It is the SAP product of Data Services enabling us to execute both Data Migration Project and Master Data Management project

Its existing reporting infrastructure is SAP Business Objects


Having the ability to make more effective plans and analyses

Providing more effective use internally by increasing the visibility of data

Why Metric

They are able to direct Data Integration thanks to their vast experience in that field

They have a satisfactory record of successful projects and they are a well-established team

Future Plans

Continuing existing ETL processes with SAP DataServices

Continuing existing reporting infrastructure with SAP Business Objects

Meeting all the internal requirements by means of SAP Business Objects product family


Metric has performed really satisfactory services by guiding our team accurately and in a result oriented manner thanks to being a well-established team that is highly experienced in data integration and SAP BusinessObjects. One of the reasons for preferring Metric was that our previous collaboration with them for many other projects turned out to be highly productive which, in turn, reinforced our trust in Metric.