Notice For Job Applicants Regarding Processing Of Personal Data

Dear Job Applicant,

Metrik Bilgisayar Yazılım Danışmanlık Servis San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. (“Metrik”), acting as a data controller, presents this notice to your attention in order to inform you about the purposes of processing of your personal data, legal justifications for processing, methods of collection, recipients and your rights under the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 (the “PDPL”) in order to comply with article 10 of the PDPL and the Communiqué on Principles and Procedures to be Applicable for Fulfilment of Disclosure Obligation.

Please note that we shall not exert absolute control over the information which might be provided in your resume or on the websites used for contacting us. We recommend you not to disclose your personal data and special categories of personal data to the Company if you do not wish us to learn the relevant data.

1. Personal Data to be Processed

Metrik shall process the following data in line with the PDPL:

  • Your name, surname, date and place of birth, gender, marital status, nationality;
  • Your e-mail address, mailing address, mobile phone number;
  • Information about your health condition to the extent indicated in your resume (e.g. disability);
  • Your educational background, certificates and degrees obtained, specialisation, foreign language level, details about competences and skills, seminars and courses attended, computer literacy, examination results;
  • Information about your professional experience (e.g. the industries where you worked previously, your former employers, your position, responsibilities, wage details);
  • Your photograph;
  • Information regarding your driving license;
  • Your hobbies;
  • Your salary expectation;
  • Your military service status;
  • Your references (name and surname, title, business address, and contact details of the reference);
  • Any other information you might indicate in your resume which we cannot be reasonably expected to foresee.


Metrik may store the relevant data up to 1 year if your job application is not accepted or up to 10 years following termination in the event that you are hired for the applicable position.

2. Purposes of Processing Personal Data

We shall process the aforementioned personal data for the following purposes with respect to the performance of the Service Contract which is meant to regulate the terms of the employment relationship:

  • Manage the job application process,
  • Communicate with you when necessary,
  • Determine whether or not you are qualified enough for the position to be suggested to you,
  • Contact your references in order to ascertain whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the job,
  • The position applied, your salary expectation, eagerness to accept any other position and intended date of employment,
  • Determine whether or not you will be capable of driving a company car in case of necessity,
  • Determine whether or not your age is suitable for the position to be proposed to you and ensure compliance with the Regulation on Principles and Procedures for Engagement of Child Labour and Young Workers,
  • Make it easier for the human resources department to recognize you when you arrive for the interview,
  • Contact with the job applicant and prepare a personnel file in case of recruitment,
  • Ascertain whether or not there is any condition which might lead to suspension of employment after recruitment and ensure compliance with article 75 of the Military Penal Code no. 1632.

3. Methods and Legal Justifications for Processing of Personal Data

We shall process your personal data automatically (e.g. making the data available to our system automatically on the internet) or non-automatically (e.g. taking note of any information indicated on the phone) based on your explicit consent to the extent (i) “it is essential for the data controller to fulfil its legal obligations”, (ii) “the relevant processing is required for legitimate interests of the data controller provided that the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject are not impaired” and (iii) it is necessary to process the personal data of the parties to a contract provided that any such processing shall be directly related to the execution or performance of the contract” in line with article 5 of the Law.

4. Transfer of Personal Data and Purposes of Transfer

We may transfer your personal data to our group companies for employment purposes and to judicial authorities or law enforcement agencies for settlement of legal disputes or upon request under the applicable regulations.

5. Data Subject Rights and Methods for Exercising the Rights

Should you intend to exercise any of the rights provided in article 11 of the PDPL, please file an application to Metrik in writing or through the use of registered electronic mail (KEP) address, secure electronic signature, mobile signature or electronic mail address duly informed to the data controller by the data subject in line with article 5 of the “Communiqué on Principles and Procedures Regarding Applications to Data Controllers”.