İş Bankası

Using SAP, Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. improved its reporting effectiveness and enriched its user experience.


Automatization of the daily work of the business unit, which takes long hours to complete with dispersed processes.

Presentation of results in an infrastructure, which is rich in terms of analysis and visuality, rather than a long list format and which at the same time allows for monitoring by mobile tools

Expansion of the use of easy and rich analysis environments

Contribution to decision-making processes

SAP Solutions and Services

BusinessObjects 4.0 Bilgi Tasarım Aracı

Web Intelligence (BI)


BO Explorer



SAP BusinessObjects is a corporate reporting tool widely used in the Corporation.

Ease of use, opportunities offered by reporting products in terms of visuality and analysis

Why Metric

It has an experienced team, which has been providing support to the BusinessObjects platform for years.

It has contributed in a short time, it has given support and showed its approach at analysis phase of the project.

The reporting team and business units gain a new point of view thanks to the visual reports prepared.

The Explorer product provides the developer with an easy design option and the end user with a high level analysis tool.

A platform is established on which the cash, home and vehicle loans provided to individual customers can be analyzed on the basis of branch employees.

Future Plans

Work is underway for the expansion of the established infrastructure and provision of similar opportunities in other business lines as well.

In parallel with such work, use of mobile platforms are also encouraged.

Türkiye İş Bankası

“Under a study completed over a time period as short as 3 months, the reporting infrastructure has been renewed by selecting a hard business area for the performance of analyses due to dispersed reports and long lists. From the developer to end user, high-level user satisfaction has been achieved by using the wide product range of SAP.”