Hayat Kimya

Hayat Kimya accelerated its budget process with Metric’s SAP solutions


To ensure main data updates

To accelerate budget process

To collect all data on the single platform

To lighten user’s calculation workloads

To eliminate manual input for calculation


Easy use in terms of visuality and analysis

Proven success and high performance solution portfolios


Shortening the time for data collection

Constructing a single common platform for faster and more accurate collection of data through SAP BPC project

Making all calculations automatic by the system with BPC on HANA

Setting a budget fully integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP

Easy-use screens for data input

Why Metric

Its business intelligence solutions generates better outcomes

Having experience of many years in business intelligence projects

Hayat Kimya

Hayat Kimya “Metric’s SAP solutions facilitated our budget process. We now extrapolate the calculation results more quickly”