g2m met its intensive and quick reporting needs with SAP solutions.


Meeting all reporting and decision support data needs of internal and external customers over one single platform

Making measurable, analytical reports in corporate standards

Transferring all reports and analytical studies, which have been produced with a high cost and effort in several different platforms, to the SAP B0 platform

SAP Solutions and Services

SAP BusinessObjects


SAP Data Services


It is a worldwide brand offering corporate resource planning and other software products

It is structured so as to fully meet the needs with its products, ecosystem and technology over the coming period as well

Compatibility with the dynamic structure


Corporate reports and analytical data results are acquired on one single platform in a fast, flexible and accurate manner

Departments and senior management are provided with the decision support structure and reporting environment they need

The need for high cost, long-term software reporting projects is reduced to minimum level

Features regarding highly critical processes,such as reports, stock follow-up and pricing, are made an important part of business processes

Why Metric

Experience in the retail sector

Produces results effectively and fast

Experience and expertise of its consultants in business processes

Future Plans

g2m, bundan sonraki aşamada yönetim dashboard’larının kurulmasını, finansal raporların geliştirilmesini hedefliyor.

Establishment of mobile structures allowing for the reporting and monitoring of the performance of field sales teams and call center staff is among the company’s future plans.

g2m Information Technologies

“SAP BusinessObjects -a global product with high technology- has created a high level of satisfaction with its capacity to quickly respond to our requests. As a result of this, the product has been upgraded after a short while so as to include SAP IQ and Data Services and the scope and content of the project have been enhanced.”