Corporate Performance Management

Metric Software and Consultancy - Corporate Performance Management

Effectively manage your Balanced Scorecard, Budget Planning and Consolidation, Profitability Management processes

We, as Metric Professional Services, believe that an analytical and measurable performance management system has a huge potential and business value.

With our Balanced Scorecard applications, you can define scorecards for different units of the organization, set targets from different perspectives and then define key performance indicators to measure these targets.

With our Budget Planning and Consolidation applications, you can integrate with your business processes all the components of the corporate budgeting process for different sectors and business lines. To this end, you can manage all processes from macroeconomic indicator planning to sales planning, from production planning to purchasing and supply planning, from production expense planning to overhead expense planning and from financial table planning to profitability planning in a comparative manner such as in the form of budget/actual, budget/estimated.

With our Profitability and Cost Management applications, you can perform activity-based costing, distribute your expenses and costs easily and fast, prepare product, channel and customer-based income statements and, last but not least, focus on the right products and customers.

Use an analytical and measurable management approach.

Make your Budget Planning processes part of your operational processes.

With Profitability Management, focus on the right product and customer.