ALJ Finans

ALJ Finans has gained dynamism through fast and easy analyses on SAP.


Enabling of Management and Business Units to make analysis with easier and faster way;

To realize consolidation of the data in terms of time and alternation sizes.

To be able to implement dynamic strategy in accordance with the created results.

SAP Çözümleri

SAP BusinessObjects BI

SAP DataServices


Provides appropriate solution to business requirements;

Presents an institutional solution and substructure, which their success were proved in different sectors

To have an integrated platform that adopted to the world of developed mobile technology


Providing of a homogenous data structure;

Establishment of data dictionary ownership;

Realization of correct data consolidation in an integrated structure;

End users may create their own reports;

Management may access to the reports of results quickly and in mobile by using dashboard/widget tools

Establishment of historic data structure according to time and change sizes;

Establishment of structure, in the direction of most efficient and quick using of data by forming ETL structure;

Including of data that has existed out of application, into the reporting substructure;

Providing of time and manpower productivity for establishment and usage of reports.

Neden Metric

Innovative and compatible team approach;

Successful Project References in different areas;

Positive references to different sectors

ALJ Finansman A.Ş. (“ALJ Finans”) is a financing company that presents loan services oriented to any kind of good and service procurements. ALJ Finans has started to display activity within the organization of ALJ Group as of May 2011. ALJ Finans has been presenting easy application possibility, fast evaluation processes and competitive conditions to its customers and contracted agencies through expert and well-experienced staff, as of the beginning of 2012.

Future Plans

ALJ Finans plans to provide production of new reports by developing of the established reporting substructure. Additionally, it puts parallel studies on the agenda for efficient using of report analyses in Management of Area Sales by mobile. Targets to develop the structure of institutional performance management in the direction of different targets that may be presented integrate with established business mind.

ALJ Finance

“Thanks to this, customer satisfaction has been increased by enabling business units to access the analyses that they have required quickly and easily.”