About Us

Metric Software and Consultancy - About Us

Established in 2007, Metric is a software and consultancy firm developing tailor-made solutions for the needs of organizations by combining its expertise in analytical applications and business intelligence with its experience of work processes and providing services in the fields of expertise with its SAP BusinessObjects certificated staff of consultants.

Metric is the first business partner of SAP Turkey to have reached the Gold Partner level in the field of BusinessObjects. For more than 10 years, it has been performing all its SAP BusinessObjects applications-related activities with a service understanding based on unconditional customer satisfaction. Among its SAP Turkey business partners, Metric ranks 1st in Business Level and Data Warehouse revenues and 3rd in the same category according to the survey results of Bilişim 500. Metric, the owner of the R&D Center Certificate given by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey for its R&D activities, research team and innovations in the sector, leads the industry with its innovative solutions.

With its certificated staff of consultants, all experts in their own fields, Metric develops successful projects both at a national and international level by using superior technological standards required by the global economy.

Our Mission

Develop analytical software solutions taking the international competitiveness of our customers to the top level by increasing their efficiency and profitability while at the same time reducing their costs.

Our Vision

Become one of the leading global software and consultancy companies by using its own registered analytical applications and integrating them with the solutions of their international business partners.

Our Values

Metric’s corporate values; happy, curious, motivated engineering force, projects completed in a timely manner and in working condition, perception of all customers and projects as a reference and acting accordingly.


Be Happy: Smile to life and the people.

What is needed for a person to be content and happy in his life is to work not for himself but for the future generations. Acting as such, one should not even think “will my successors ever know that I have worked in such a spirit”. In fact, the happiest people are those who prefer that their services are not known by the next generations.


Be motivated: Provide benefit to yourself and your environment.

You can buy someone’s time; you can ensure that a person will be present for work in a certain place; and even buy to some extent his/her physical labor requiring skills; but you cannot buy someone’s initiative; you can buy his/her dedication from the heart with all his/her feelings. These cannot be bought but rather gained.


Be Curious: Improve your knowledge.

All important inventions and discoveries in human history are the result of curiosity. The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus and the invention of the bulb by Edison have all stemmed from curiosity.