Teb Cetelem

TEB Cetelem made its reporting processes manageable with SAP


To make quantitative improvements in the reports that created in-house

To create an easy managed portfolio by simplifying BO report environment


Moving the reporting process completely on BO

Providing report and unit based authorization for the reports that used by multiple units

Making reports more manageable by reducing the amount of reports from 3,600 to 270

Enabling report portfolio to be received on BO


Having worldwide proven success with its data warehouse management and reporting solutions

Future Plans

TEB Cetelem aims to realize the similar simplification in BO report portfolio on data warehouse system too

Why Metric

The success achieved in the projects that carried out together in the past

Having a vision on BO reporting

Working on high customer satisfaction

Selma Yaldız

TEB Cetelem, System Development Senior Manager

“The project completed successfully in line with our initial target. We achieved a significant improvement in man/day costs of our reporting jobs with SAP’s BusinessObjects BI than before the project.”