Using SAP, Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. improved its reporting effectiveness and enriched its user experience.


  • Automaization of the daily work of the business unit, which takes long hours to complete with dispersed processes. 

  • Presentation of results in an infrastructure, which is rich in terms of analysis and visuality, rather than a long list format and which at the same time allows for monitoring by mobile tools

  • Expansion of the use of easy and rich analysis environments

  • Contribution to decision-making processes

  • Why SAP

  • SAP BusinessObjects is a corporate reporting tool widely used in the Corporation.

  • Ease of use, opportunities offered by reporting products in terms of visuality and analysis

  • Why Metric

  • It has an experienced team, which has been providing support to the BusinessObjects platform for years.

  • It has contributed in a short time, it has given support and showed its approach at analysis phase of the project.

  • SAP Solutions and Services

  • Business Objects 4.0 Information Design Tool

  • Web Intelligence (BI)

  • Dashboard

  • BO Explorer

  • Mobile

  • Benefits

  • The reporting team and business units gain a new point of view thanks to the visual reports prepared.  

  • The Explorer product provides the developer with an easy design option and the end user with a high level analysis tool. 

  • A platform is established on which the cash, home and vehicle loans provided to individual customers can be analyzed on the basis of branch employees. 

  • Future Plans

  • Work is underway for the expansion of the established infrastructure and provision of similar opportunities in other business lines as well.

  • In parallel with such work, use of mobile platforms are also encouraged.

  • İ. Serdar Yılmaz
    BT Architecture and Data Management Unit Manager
    Türkiye İş Bankası

    "Under a study completed over a time period as short as 3 months, the reporting infrastructure has been renewed by selecting a hard business area for the performance of analyses due to dispersed reports and long lists. From the developer to end user, high-level user satisfaction has been achieved by using the wide product range of SAP."

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