UNO manages the big data over the SAP HANA platform to send high quality, packaged bread to households every day.  

Key Benefits

400x Faster

With SAP HANA, UNO speeded up its BW reporting system by an average of 400 times. Reports, which oncetook minutes andeven hours to prepare, are now at the fingertips of the user instantly. 


With the combined use of SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, users can have quick access to in-house generated data also from mobile platforms. . 


Fast reporting allows efficient working, selecting the best alternative among the generated results and responding faster to market conditions..  

UNO's Project Target

  • Making sales and profitability reporting with all details

  • Accessing sales and profitability data from the mobile environment

  • Increasing the performance of reporting products used

  • SAP Solutions and Services

  • SAP NW BW 7.3 on HANA

  • SAP HANA 1.0

  • SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 Web Intelligence

  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for MS Office , 

  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer and Experience

  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI, Mobile Explorer and Experience

  • Benefits

  • Sales and profitability reporting on SKU, business line, sales office, sales group, market, channel, route and customer basis.

  • User adaptation increasing with high reporting performance

  • High performance enabled by SAP HANA enhances user experience and overall reporting process

  • Mobile access enablement by Mobile BI, Experience and Explorer

  • Yasemin Guldag
    Budget Planning and Financial Reporting Director UNO

    “Before SAP BW on HANA, we used to work and set aside the reports and wait for them to bring results. And, when we actually had the results after a long while, we recognized that we had already forgotten what we were looking for. In short, we had no efficient and high performance reporting environment. With BW on HANA, the report we need is now right in front of us in desired details and in one click. For us, this is a great efficiency and time saver”. 

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