TEB Cetelem made its reporting processes manageable with SAP


  • To make quantitative improvements in the reports that created in-house

  • To create an easy managed portfolio by simplifying BO report environment

  • Why SAP

  • Having worldwide proven success with its data warehouse management and reporting solutions

  • Why Metric

  • The success achieved in the projects that carried out together in the past

  • Having a vision on BO reporting

  • Working on high customer satisfaction

  • Faydalar

  • Moving the reporting process completely on BO

  • Providing report and unit based authorization for the reports that used by multiple units

  • Making reports more manageable by reducing the amount of reports from 3,600 to 270

  • Enabling report portfolio to be received on BO

  • Gelecek Planları

  • TEB Cetelem aims to realize the similar simplification in BO report portfolio on data warehouse system too.

  • Selma Yaldız
    TEB Cetelem, System Development Senior Manager

    “The project completed successfully in line with our initial target. We achieved a significant improvement in man/day costs of our reporting jobs with SAP’s BusinessObjects BI than before the project.”

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