ETİ manages corporate budget and planning process with Metric solutions


  • Decreasing time spent for data definition and analysis in budget process

  • Facilitating budget planning and consolidation management

  • Combining all budget processes on a single platform

  • Fast simulation capacity in compliance with changing market conditions

  • Obtaining high performance for reporting capacity

  • Establishing a system integrated with business process and operational systems

  • Why SAP

  • Enabling phase modulation through its modular structure.

  • Easy integration between modules

  • Hosting multi solution processes

  • Having a global support network

  • Why Metric

  • Solution methods and unique project approach

  • Our previous project experiences

  • SAP Solutions and Services

  • SAP Business Planning and Consolidation on HANA

  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI

  • Benefits

  • Allocating less time for data definition and analysis processes

  • Allocating more time for decision making/execution processes

  • Enabling departments and top management to have decision/support structure and reporting environment they need

  • Having a budget process that can be monitored and inspected

  • Acquiring frequent estimation ability in compliance with rapid changing conditions.

  • Facilitating selling, production, buying, investment, human resource and other budget planning processes for ETİ

  • Monitoring figures related to production costs, profitability, P&L and balance-sheet

    Hakan Bulur
    Information Technologies and System Development Manager ETİ Gıda

    “METRIC made important contribution to the project with its project management approach, technical qualifications and leaving no unsettled issues by creating alternative solution options.”

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