CarrefourSA processes 800 million shopping data in milliseconds with SAP HANA


  • To create a structure in which all data can be collected and compiled

  • To establish an analytic structure on a data warehouse

  • To obtain high performance from a large dataset

  • To offer customized opportunities and campaigns

  • Why SAP

  • SAP HANA is a next generation data warehouse solution

  • Outstanding performance for processing of very large data

  • Why Metric

  • Previous project experiences

  • Being a researcher and producing quick solutions

  • Realizing projects quickly

  • Benefits

  • Storing and rapid processing of data

  • Taking useful business decisions by establishing an analytic platform

  • Analyzing 800 million shopping data in milliseconds

  • Segmentation of costumers according to their shopping habits

  • Offering costumers opportunities and campaigns on segmentation

  • Increasing customer satisfaction

  • Future Plans

  • Analyzing some of the data such as data from cashier's desk or location data to offer distinctive shopping experiences

  • Mehmet Necati Özdeniz
    CRM and Marketing Director at CarrefourSA

    “Metric is our business partner that we work together, rather than a third party firm. We can now perform our business processes more quickly and efficiently through our new platform.”

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