BAT manages its multinational & multilingual reporting and business analytics infrastructure with Metric’s solutions


  • To compile reporting submissions of different countries on a single platform

  • To allow employees who have different nationalities to analyze the data of the country they live in various languages on the same report.

  • To provide both reports data and meta data in various languages

  • Why SAP

  • Enabling more productive plans and analyses through SAP Business Objects Designer, SAP Business Objects WebIntelligence solutions

  • Proven success and high performance solution portfolios

  • A global company having software products

  • Why Metric

  • Having experience of many years in business intelligence projects

  • Being an experienced leader in multinational projects and business analytics in particular

  • Our previous successful joint projects

  • SAP Solutions and Services

  • SAP BusinessObjects BI

  • SAP DataServices

  • Benefits

  • Building a reporting infrastructure that serves many countries with more than one languages by using a single data warehouse and a single logical interlayer

  • Providing more productive plans and analyses

  • Addressing the needs in different countries with a single report while enabling each user to analyze reports in his/her native language.

  • Lowing the costs of support and management through a single platform and infrastructure management

  • Future Plans

  • Maintaining current reporting infrastructure with SAP Business Objects

  • Creating new reports with different reporting interfaces in different environments by using current infrastructure

  • Güran Fazla
    EEMEA Marketing Solution Centre Manager BAT

    “Metric met our all demands successfully in a short period with an outstanding work.”

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